New business opportunity at Rijeka Airport

Rijeka Airport decided to offer a new business opportunity in the winter period, when the air trafic is significantly smaller then in the summer months. Numerous air carriers, mostly companies with charter operations, also have less flight operations during the winter season and often they don’t have enough jobs for all of their planes. Those planes need to be parked somewhere, and Rijeka Airport saw its business opportunity here. Already two air carriers are using this service.

Croatian air carrier ETF Airways (LI/EZZ) parked its two Boeing 737-800 planes on Friday and Saturday, November 10 and 11. These two planes were leased this summer to Transavia (HV/TRA) in Amsterdam and Transavia France (TO/TVF) in Paris (Orly Airport). Rijeka has a good geographical position in Europe, so already on Monday, November 13, one aircraft left to Belgrade to operate one round trip on behalf of Air Serbia (JU/ASL), from Belgrade to Larnaca and back. Later on the same day, the aircraft was transfered back to Rijeka. The third ETF’s aircraft was leased this summer to Italian air carrier Neos (NO/NOS) and it is parked in Naples since November 1.

The second air carrier that has already parked three Airbus A320 planes in Rijeka, is Latvian Avion Express (X9/NVD). All three planes arrived from Antalya to Rijeka on Saturday, November 11. They were leased durning summer season to Turkish air carrier SunExpress (XQ/SXS).

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