GIS in aviation: Airbus deliveries in 2022.

For those who have not yet encountered the term GIS, GIS is short for geographic information system, which is a system that collects and processes spatial data and visualizes it on maps. When you look at the data itself, i.e. the bare numbers and letters, it sometimes doesn’t mean much to you, especially when the data is in large quantities, but in combination with the spatial element shown on the map, the data becomes understandable.

This article will show a visualization of Airbus data on aircraft deliveries in 2022. Only data on deliveries in Europe will be presented.


The smallest aircraft in the A220 series is not as popular as the larger version. In Europe, it found its home in Swiss, but several years have already passed since the last delivery. In 2022, however, two examples of this aircraft were delivered, but not to the fleet of an ordinary airline, but to Comlux, and these aircraft will be intended for the transport of VIPs. The planes were delivered to Switzerland. In the coming years, there will also be a small number of A220-100 delivered in Europe, but the interesting thing is that we will also see them in the colors of Croatia Airlines.


This aircraft was delivered in 17 copies in 2022, but it was delivered only to two countries. The first is France, where 10 aircraft were delivered to the Air France fleet. They use these aircraft as a replacement for the already rare A318 and A319 aircraft. AirBaltic decided on a single fleet with A220-300 and removed all other aircraft types from the fleet. It continues to increase the number of0 A220 in the fleet, in 2022, 7 new aircraft arrived, and in total, they have 39 in the fleet.


Although the A320neo is no longer the aircraft with the most orders within the A320neo series, that place has been taken by the A321neo, but still, the A320neo continues to be produced and delivered in large numbers. Thus, in 2022, it was delivered in Europe in 58 copies. With the A320neo, it’s a bit complicated to follow the numbers, because at first glance they are a little deceiving. For example, most A320neo aircraft were delivered to Ireland, as many as 24, but the more interesting thing is that these aircraft will not stay in Ireland, but go to their end users all over the world. Several leasing companies in Ireland deal with aircraft leasing, and they order aircraft from Airbus, Airbus delivers them, and they deliver them to their client. Thus, part of these aircraft will be leased outside of Europe, for example to China, India, the United States of America, etc. Iberia has taken over 6 aircraft from other carriers, and these are all deliveries in Spain. In the United Kingdom, British Airways took delivery of 2 and easyJet 6 aircraft. Sweden, or the SAS group, took over 11 A320neo aircraft. 8 examples of A320neo went to Germany, Lufthansa bought them, but did not keep them in its fleet, but passed them on to Austrian and Eurowings.


In Europe, the A321neo is the most delivered Airbus aircraft, as many with as 89 examples which are distributed among 8 customers. If someone asked you where you think the most A321neo were delivered in 2022, the answers would be varied, but I think Hungary would be the least likely to answer. Yes, Hungary is the country with the most A321neo deliveries in 2022. Although it sounds a little unusual at first, when the buyer is revealed, it is no longer unusual at all, because it is Wizzair. Wizzair expands its fleet and renews it year after year with new A321neo aircraft. At this rate, it will reach 100 A321neo aircraft in its fleet very quickly. 23 copies of the A321neo aircraft went to Turkey, but the majority of deliveries went to the fleet of Pegasus Airlines, as many as 17 aircraft, while the remaining 6 were delivered to the fleet of Turkish Airlines. Turkish acquired additional A321neo aircraft, but through leasing companies, and they are of course located in Ireland, thus Ireland received 17 A321neo aircraft. It’s the same thing as with the A320neo, all aircraft leave Ireland to their end customers. It should also be mentioned that Aegean Airlines took delivery of 6 A321neo aircraft from Greece, even more than Lufthansa, which took delivery of 5 aircraft.


In 2022, only one copy of this aircraft was delivered in Europe, to Condor in Germany towards the end of the year. For 2023, the statistics will be a little better, as Condor plans to take over several A330-900s and replace its Boeing 767 fleet with this aircraft.


Compared to other wide-body aircraft from the Airbus product line, this aircraft did very well in Europe, with as many as 21 copies being delivered. This is a good number because 2 copies were delivered worldwide (including Europe), which is almost half of all deliveries. It is interesting how one copy ended up in Russia. But the delivery was made before the start of the war in Ukraine, so at that time there were no sanctions in force, and the delivery could be made. Other A350 aircraft for Aeroflot could not be delivered. Air France (France) and Iberia (Spain) received the most A350s in 2022, each with 7 aircraft, and Turkish Airlines (Turkey) with 6 aircraft.


The A350-1000, the largest aircraft currently produced by Airbus in Europe, was delivered in 6 copies. Of these, 5 aircraft went to the British Airways fleet, while one aircraft went to the Air Caraibes fleet. If we look at the very location where Air Caraibes is based, in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, then that delivery should be added to North America, but Guadeloupe belongs to France, and therefore the delivery was in Europe.

Total deliveries

Ireland is convincingly in first place with the number of new aircraft taken over, as many as 41, but the reason for such a large number of new aircraft in Ireland is explained in the previous part of the text, that is, because of leasing companies. Hungary is second in Europe in terms of the number of new Airbus aircraft taken over, and Turkey is in third place. Airlines from France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Sweden have taken over 10 aircraft, while Latvia, Greece, Switzerland, and Russia have taken over less than 10 aircraft.

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