Edelweiss flies to these long-haul destinations with the new Airbus A350

Edelweiss will be the first airline in Switzerland to put the Airbus A350 into service next year. According to current planning, the first of six aircraft will join the Edelweiss fleet at the beginning of April 2025. Before the aircraft is deployed on long-haul routes, it will fly to various short and medium-haul destinations in the first few weeks.

Las Vegas will be the first long-haul destination that Edelweiss will fly to with the Airbus A350. From mid-May 2025, the aircraft will be deployed three times a week on this route. The Zurich-Vancouver-Zurich route will be served daily when the second Airbus A350 enters service at the beginning of July 2025.

The third Airbus A350 will join the Edelweiss fleet at the beginning of October 2025. The fourth will be added in winter 2025 and aircraft numbers 5 and 6 in the second half of 2026.

The existing five Airbus A340-300 long-haul aircraft will be replaced by mid-2027 and Edelweiss’ long-haul fleet will be restored to its pre-coronavirus level of six aircraft.

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