Dubai Air Show (13/11/2023) – “Fabulous day for Boeing”

On the first day, Boeing achieved fabulous figures in sale of its aircraft. We don’t have to look at the value of the orders themselves, although they are also huge, but what is interesting is how Boeing managed to sell the planes to some new customers, as well as how they sold some of the planes that are not selling well, or hardly at all. So let’s start in order.

The largest order is certainly the one announced by Emirates. They will buy additional 100 Boeing wide-body aircraft. And here is the best thing, they are buying 90 Boeing 777X aircraft, out of those 90, they ordered 35 Boeing 777-8 aircraft, that is, a smaller version of the 777X aircraft. That smaller version is not sold at all, almost everyone gave up on it and opted for the larger version 777-9. Of course, we are talking about the passenger version. With this large order of Boeing 777X aircraft, Emirates has paved the way to replace the Airbus A380. Another big piece of information is the purchase of five additional 787 aircraft, and with that Emirates has 35 aircraft of this type on order. But the purchase itself is not big news, but the fact that they decided on the smallest version of the Boeing 787-8, the version that has also not received large orders in recent years. In addition to the smallest, they also decided on the largest 787-10. The airline will order 20 787-8 aircraft and 10 787-10 aircraft. It is interesting how they decided not to order the 787-9 that they originally ordered.

But when it comes to the 787-9, Boeing managed to get a new customer for that plane, which is FlyDubai. They ordered 30 copies of that aircraft. Until now, FlyDubai has only had narrow-body aircraft, but now they are entering the world of wide-body aircraft. Emirates and FlyDubai have a very close cooperation, and now they will accelerate the cooperation even more, because FlyDubai will be able to take over some longhaul flights from Emirates.

Royal Jordanian has ordered 4 Boeing 787-9 aircraft and has a total of 6 aircraft of this type on order.

Royal Air Maroc has ordered 2 Boeing 787-9 aircraft, and they will join the existing fleet of 9 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

But not everything was about wide-body Boeing aircraft, there is also an order from the 737 MAX series. SunExpress, an airline owned by Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, has ordered 45 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, of which 28 are 737-8 aircraft and 17 are 737-10 aircraft. In addition, they have an option to purchase additional 45 aircraft from the Boeing 737 MAX series.

AirBaltic made sure that everything was not about Boeing and ordered an additional 30 Airbus A220-300 aircraft, and with this order, the number of A220s ordered rose to 80. AirBaltic is the carrier with the most A220-300 in the fleet. They have 44 of them. AirBaltic plans to have a fleet of 100 Airbus A220-300 aircraft by 2030, and if they continue to grow like this, it is not an unattainable number at all.

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