Czech company Fischer Air will resume flight operations

At the begining of the 90’s, when Czech Republic had started with free market economy, there were several private air carriers operating. They mostly startet flight operations with older leasted Soviet built planes, mosly Ilyushin IL-62, Tupolev TU-154 and Yakovlev YAK-42, but they didn’t last long. The first Czech private air carrier which started with a brand new Boeing 737-300 planes from day one was Fischer Air (8F/FFR) in 1996.

They had three aircraft of this type and operated on flights from Czech Republic to around 30 touristic destinations in the Mediterranean. They operated flights to Croatia as well, mostly from Prague to Dubrovnik and Split (in the picture), and for a short time from Prague to Pula, and Ostrava to Split. All flights were operated with one flight a week. The airline also established a subsidiary in Poland called Fischer Air Polska (FFP), which operated with one Boeing 737-300 and two larger Boeing 757-200 planes. There were no flights from Poland to Croatia. Czech Fischer Air ceased all flight operations in 2005 and the Polish subsidiary 3 years later.

Already 3 years ago, the owner of the company Vaclav Fischer, has announced returning back to airline bussines, but since this was planned at the begining of the pandemic, this plan was postponed.

Now, 18 years later, the new begining is planned for February of next year, this time with Airbus A319 planes in white coloured livery, instead of the old dark blue. New operational base is in Pardubice, a town 100 km east from Prague. Flights are already offered for sale from Pardubice to Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Malaga, Mallorca, Rome and Munich, as well as from České Budějovice, Dresden, Friedrichshafen, Basel, Munich and Vienna to Gran Canaria. Croatia isn’t currently on the map of their destinations.

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