Croatia Airlines: With the new fleet comes a visual identity redesign

Croatia Airlines plans to take delivery of the first of the currently ordered 6 new Airbus A220 aircraft in 2024. As AvioRadar exclusively learns, with the arrival of the new fleet, the national airline is also working on redesigning its visual identity, more specifically on redesigning its logo. Croatia Airlines confirmed to AvioRadar: “Croatia Airlines is planning a logo redesign as part of the renewal of its fleet with new A220 aircraft, and this process is currently in the project phase. Once the said project is completed, the company will inform the public with all relevant details.”

The current logo of Croatia Airlines was designed by Vilim Vasata, and the author of the design of the tail and the overall aircraft livery is Ivana Ivanković, who was once awarded the Rebrand 100 award for the redesign of the aircraft livery. In the current issue of the travel magazine Croatia, CTN emphasizes: “The design of the national airline’s aircraft is an important part of the overall national identity. The first touch of the passenger with the aircraft is extremely important because the aircraft of the national airline promotes the formation of the first image of the country to which it belongs.”

As a reminder, Croatia Airlines currently has 6 Airbus A220 aircraft on order, of which 4 A220-300 with 149 seats and two A220-100 with 127 seats, which should be delivered in 2024. The national airline plans to renew the entire fleet with Airbus A220 aircraft, with the planned 6 additional aircraft that should be delivered in 2025 and 2026, with the option of an additional 3 aircraft due for delivery in 2027, which would give CTN a single-type fleet of 15 aircraft.

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