Croatia Airlines takes off with AMOS

Swiss-AS is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Croatia Airlines, the national carrier of Croatia. This collaboration will see the implementation of AMOS, a comprehensive software solution designed to optimize and streamline the airline’s maintenance and engineering operations.

The decision to adopt the AMOS Airline/MRO Edition after a comprehensive evaluation of various industry-leading solutions, aligns with Croatia Airlines’ commitment to ensuring the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and reliability in its operations. By leveraging the advanced features and functionalities of the AMOS software, Croatia Airlines aims to enhance its maintenance processes, and overall operational efficiency.

AMOS is widely recognized as a robust and industry-leading solution in the aviation maintenance domain. Its state-of-the-art capabilities will empower Croatia Airlines to effectively manage its fleet’s maintenance, engineering, and logistics processes, ultimately reducing downtime and increasing aircraft availability.

The AMOS software suite will provide Croatia Airlines with comprehensive functionality and support their strategic fleet renewal into an all-new A220 fleet by 2026 by offering powerful capabilities for aircraft phase-in and out.

Additionally, the system’s user-friendly interface and intuitive workflows will enhance the productivity and collaboration among the airline’s maintenance and engineering teams.
As Croatia Airlines is already using AVIATAR, Lufthansa Technik’s independent and open digital platform for the aviation industry, they will soon profit from a seamless integration of the two systems as part of the new Digital Tech Ops Ecosystem.

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