Croatia Airlines flight OU491/CTN82W diverted to Dubrovnik due to fog and earthquake

Flight OU491/CTN82W of Croatia Airlines, which departed from London to Zagreb, encountered a series of unexpected challenges that needed an urgent change in flight plan. The Airbus A319 with the registration 9A-CTL was equipped and ready for a routine journey, but the situation on the ground in Zagreb turned out to be a key factor in changing the arrival destination.

Upon arriving in the zone of Zagreb Airport, the crew of flight OU491 was informed about the Low Visibility Procedures (LVP) in effect. According to unofficial information available to AvioRadar, since the co-pilot (there were two captains) on this flight was not certified for operations under such conditions on that position, the flight entered a holding pattern at 20:40 local time, while an alternative solution was being sought.

Split, initially the alternative destination, quickly became unfeasible due to an earthquake that struck the area, requiring additional safety inspections of the runway and apron. This situation forced the crew to further adjust their flight plan.

As a final decision, the flight was redirected to Dubrovnik. This move, though outside the usual norms, enabled the safe landing of the aircraft and passengers. Dubrovnik Airport, ready and equipped, successfully accepted flight OU491 at 21:40 local time, providing passengers with an unexpected end to their journey.

The question remains how Croatia Airlines sent a crew on the flight from London, that did not have the necessary training for landing under conditions that are common at this time of year at Zagreb Airport.

It should be noted that all other flights during that period landed successfully.

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