Announcement: AIRVG2024 – Aviation Day in Velika Gorica

From now on, Croatian skies are guarded by Croatian Rafales, and you will be able to see them closely at AIRVG2024 – an air show organized for the third time in Velika Gorica.

Under the auspices of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, on 11 May 2024, the City of Velika Gorica is organizing the event AIRVG2024 – Aviation Day in Velika Gorica, an aviation event that, with the co-organization of Zagreb International Airport and the support of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia – the Croatian Air Force, will be held at Franjo Tuđman Airport, in the old terminal area.

The main star of the day will certainly be the duet of the Croatian Air Force C3R-EC Rafale, in whose name the “C” stands for Croatia, and the legendary MiG-21 bisD, which carried the weight of guarding the Croatian skies for the past 30 years! In addition to the Croatian squadron of fighter jets, other assets of the Croatian Air Force will be presented. Visitors will be able to see a display of helicopter capabilities of joint action in rescuing pilots from a hostile environment “Pilot RESCUE” in which OH-58D, UH-60M and Mi-171Sh helicopters participate, the performance of the acrobatic group HRZ “Wings of the Storm”, the AS532 Cougar helicopter of the Air Force of the Republic of Slovenia, and Croatian Air Force program “Become a military pilot” will also be presented.

The aim of this event is to promote aviation in Croatia, and Velika Gorica as the “Aviation City”, and the emphasis of this year’s edition will be on modernization of aviation and promotion of careers of military pilots, aviation technicians and other professions in air traffic.

With this organization, the City of Velika Gorica continues the “City of Aviation” project, as part of which a “Charter of Friendship” was signed between the City of Velika Gorica and subjects from the aviation industry operating in the area of ​​Velika Gorica. The signatories are the Croatian Air Force, Zagreb International Airport, Croatian Air Navigation Control, Aviation Technical Center Velika Gorica, Croatia Airlines, Trade Air, Zagreb Airport, Aviation Technical School “Rudolf Perešin”, Polytechnic Velika Gorica, Velika Gorica Aeroclub and Velika Gorica Tourist Board. All of them will be presented at AIRVG2024!

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