Airspace L bins – coming soon to Lufthansa’s A320s

Airbus announces that Lufthansa will be its first retrofit customer for the Airspace L Bins announced this year.

Starting in January 2025, 38 of Lufthansa’s A320s will be refitted with the new bins providing 60% more bag capacity than the previous-generation A320 bins.

Airbus Head of Commercial Services Europe Charbel Youzkatli says, “We know from talking with airline customers that bigger bins are a clear need to enhance the passenger experience. As with the XL Bins, the L Bins provide more space with the added advantage of a plug-and-play retrofit. We are thrilled to see Lufthansa as the first to offer the L Bins to its passengers and to reap the efficiency benefits it brings to aircraft turnarounds.”

The benefits are wide-ranging. L Bins are designed to be retrofitted in three to five days which is Airbus’ fastest and most cost-effective A320 retrofit solution. This results in less aircraft downtime for the airline. Secondly, L Bins allow space for three extra bags per bin, creating a better experience for customers and crew when boarding and deplaning.

The bins, made of ultra-lightweight and highly stable composite products, will be manufactured by EFW (Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH). As with all Airbus retrofits, reusing the same components to minimize waste is a crucial consideration. The L Bin re-uses many parts of the original bin including the sidewall, ceiling, and lighting.

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