A new aircraft has arrived in the Trade Air fleet

On Wednesday 15 May 2024, at 20:35 local time, a new fleet member of the Croatian ACMI carrier Trade Air landed at Zagreb Airport. The new aircraft is an Airbus A320-200, registration 9A-BTL.

As confirmed by Trade Air for AvioRadar, the aircraft was purchased through financial leasing. On the flight from Toulouse to Zagreb, the captain was the owner of Trade Air, Marko Cvijin.

The aircraft is 16.5 years old and made its first flight in November 2007 with test registration number F-WWBK. The serial number is 3337, and before Trade Air it flew for two carriers, after which it was owned by a leasing company. Before arriving in Zagreb, the aircraft was stored at the airport in Toulouse, from 20 January 2024.

History of the aircraft operator:

Registration Carrier Delivery HEX code
B-6350 East Star Airlines 12/2007 7800A6
B-6606 Air China 07/2009 7800A6
VP-CCG ICBC Leasing 01/2024 400251
OE-IIN ICBC Leasing 02/2024 N/A
9A-BTL Trade Air 05/2024 501C39

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