Eastern Airlines arrived with a Boeing 767-300 to Zagreb

Eastern Airlines (2D/EAL) arrived to Zagreb Airport with Boeing 767-300 on Tuesday, May 25th. It is painted in livery of “New England Patriots” football team, but without titles and club logo. This aircraft was built in September 1991 for American Airlines (AA/AAL) and was operated with N39367 registration until 2016. One year later it was taken over by football team and got a new N225NE registration. Since 2020 it was taken over by Eastern Airlines, but remained in the football team livery. 

Eastern Airlines was founded in 2010 under previous name Dynamic Airways. In 2018 they bought a licence to use a name of the bankrup U.S. air carrier Eastern Air Lines (EA/EAL) and was renamed. Main operational bases are at J.F.Kennedy Airport in New York and in Miami. They currently have 14 planes: 7 Boeing 767-300s, 5 Boeing 767-200s and 2 Boeing 777-200s. It is also worth mentioning that Eastern Airlines has announced a new route from Chicago to Sarajevo starting this summer.