DHL arrived to Zagreb Airport with a bigger aircraft

Two days in a row DHL operated flights to Zagreb Airport with bigger planes. Instead of ususally operated smaller freight planes Boeing B757F or B737F, evening arrivals on Tuesday and Wednesday on June 23rd and 24th were operated with a bigger Airbus A300-600F, operated by European Air Transport (QY/BCS). These planes arrived on flight no. QY7837/BCS7837 from Athens and departured later on flight no. QY9617/BCS9617 from Zagreb to Leipzig

These two planes with registrations D-AEAC and D-AEAL were built in 1991 and 1992, both as regular passanger planes for Japanese air carrier Japan Air System (JD/JAS). Since 2012, both were rebuilt as frighter aircraft for DHL. 

European Air Transport, with operational base at Leipzig Airport, operates for DHL with up to 22 Airbus A300-600Fs and 9 Boeing 757-200Fs. They have also taken over  three newer Airbus A330-200Fs