Croatia Control is looking for 16 new area air traffic controllers

Croatian air traffic control is looking for 16 candidates who, after successful training, will form a new generation of regional air traffic controllers with a place of work in Velika Gorica. Below is the text of the job application:


What do we offer?

Do you want a job that come with:

  • learning and training with new technologies
  • challenge and career
  • teamwork and satisfaction?

After the training, which is entirely carried out in Croatia at the employer’s expense, you will become part of a community of highly trained professionals who enable the smooth and safe development of air traffic. The work is demanding, but we are sure that it will give you immense satisfaction. An exciting career full of challenges awaits you.


What are we looking for?

We expect from you a high stress tolerance, self-confidence, determination, the ability to make quick and accurate decisions, as well as excellent memory, perception and attention.

If you recognize in yourself the characteristics of the perfect candidate, you are well on your way to a successful application!

Apply if you have:

  • completed at least a four-year secondary school
  • active knowledge of Croatian and English (level B2)
  • citizenship of the Republic of Croatia or other EU member states
  • year of birth from 1995 to 2004 (due to the specificity of the profession)
  • excellent medical ability (category 3 of aviation personnel).


Special advantages

A candidate who, according to special regulations, exercises the right to priority must refer to that right in the application and has priority over other candidates only under equal conditions.

  • A candidate who invokes the right to priority in employment in accordance with Article 102 of the Act on Croatian Veterans of the Homeland War and Members of Their Families (“Narodne novine”, number 121/17, 98/19 and 84/21) and in accordance with Article 48 of the Act on Civilian Victims of the Homeland War (Official Gazette 84/21), along with the application, he is obliged to attach a certificate of recognized status that clearly mentions the right, along with proof of fulfillment of the required conditions. 


What to attach?

With the completed e-application, you should attach:

  • CV
  • a copy of the certificate of completed studies or four-year high school
  • a certificate of non-initiation of criminal proceedings that is not older than six months
  • birth certificate or proof of citizenship of a European member state

The ad is open until November 11, 2022, and you can apply by attaching scanned documents via the link at the bottom of this ad.



Test invitations will be sent electronically or by phone. Candidates who do not respond to the invitation to the test or the interview will be considered to have withdrawn their application to the advertisement.

Candidates who meet all the conditions of the competition will undergo psychological testing and check the required level of knowledge of the English language. If you satisfy that, you go to the FEAST tests. Candidates who took the FEAST tests in previous years and were successful will be recognized for their results. Candidates who did not pass the FEAST tests after November 11, 2020 will not be considered in this selection process. Candidates who pass the FEAST tests in this selection procedure are followed by a selection interview with a psychologist, after which the selected candidates are referred to the Assessment Center and to an interview with the committee.

Candidates who are selected will be referred for a medical examination which will be carried out at the employer’s expense in an authorized medical institution in accordance with the medical requirements for category 3 health capacity according to Commission Regulation (EU) 340/2015. During the initial examination, the authorized medical institution may request a certificate of health status from the family doctor.

Incomplete and untimely applications will not be considered, as well as applications not sent via the link.


Conclusion of the contract

The selected candidates will be entered into a work contract for a certain period of time until the air traffic controller’s license is obtained. Before concluding the contract for the selected candidates, we will request a check for movement in the protected zone.



For additional information, you can contact us via the e-mail address