Capacities of the three largest Croatian airports by the end of the year



The number of departure seats at airports should be taken with a reserve because these are the capacities announced by the carriers. Even under normal conditions, these figures are variable, while in times of the pandemic, they are only approximate announcements.

Today we bring you the figures for the three largest airports.

According to these figures, from February 14 to the end of the year, Zagreb Airport will offer 2,118,324 departure seats with 27 carriers. Croatia Airlines has the most seats (826,382), followed by Ryanair (469,926) and Turkish Airlines (100,137).

If we take into account the arrival seats, as well as the average occupancy rate of 70% and the current passenger traffic, we come to the data that ZL Zagreb will exceed three million passengers in 2022.


The second Croatian airport, Split, has 1,791,809 departing seats with 41 carriers. The leading carrier is easyJet (361,086), followed by Croatia Airlines (254,550) and Eurowings (165,870).

According to this calculation, Split Airport would reach 2.5 million passengers with 70% occupancy.


The southernmost airport, Dubrovnik, has slightly less than Split, 1,397,165 departure seats. This airport is also dominated by easyJet (200,094), followed by Croatia Airlines (153,634), while the British is in the third place (89,517).

With the calculation used so far, there is a chance that Dubrovnik Airport will reach 2 million passengers.


Once again, we note that the figures change on a weekly basis and should be taken with great reserve, as well as the expected occupancy of the aircraft.