AVIORADAR VISITED – Rudolf Perešin Aviation Technical School

Rudolf Perešin Aviation Technical School had its open days on Thursday, May 30th, 2019 and our team had a chance to see what is it like to attend this unique school in Croatia.

There are 310 students currently attending this school, devided in 12 classes. School principal, Prof. Vedran Šarac, commented on student gender structure – more than 70% of students are male.


At this moment, the school is offering three courses; ‘Aircraft technician for aircraft and engines’, ‘Aircraft technician for radio and instruments’ and ‘Flight dispatcher program’.

School can enroll 28 students per class in upcoming school year, yet there are more than 7 applicants competing for one position. 


Aircraft technician for aircraft and engines is a person responsible for all duties regarding aircraft maintenance (structures, interior, etc.), engines, hydraulics, pneumatics, etc.


Aircraft technician for instruments and radio is responsible for maintenance of all electronic systems onboard (instruments, radio and all other electric systems).


Flight dispatcher is in charge of aircraft ground handling , balancing of the aircraft, organisation of transport and logistics etc.


Talking to the school principal, prof. Vedran Šarac, we learned about plans for infrastructural upgrade of the school building, which should improve the total student capacity and allow expansion of courses. ‘Technician for air transport safety’ is a new course that should be opened once school completes its expansion.

According to the school infrastructure expansion plan, a brand new school block should be constructed, as well as gym and workshop – hangar for practical lessons.

The principal emphasized School’s cooperation with aviation related companies: ZTC, Croatia Airlines, Croatian Police, Velika Gorica University of Applied Sciences and with Croatian Army, which makes them especially proud of. Cooperation with the Army creates opportunities for students to win different scholarships, which later gives them a chance to work on military aircraft.


This truly unique school in Croatia is gathering students from all over the country. More than 80 students come from places other than Zagreb and its surrounding area. There is even one student from abroad.

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Photo © K.M. – Avioradar

Renders © ZTŠ Rudolfa Perešina