[AVIORADAR TESTED] New Croatia Airlines App

Croatia Airlines surprised us with a brand new application, significantly improved comparing to the old one. A major redesign has been made and the application is now aesthetically much better resolved. There are many other new or improved functions, which in our opinion greatly improve the application.

New check-in

What really surprised us was a brand new check-in. Redesigned and simplified, it significantly shortens the time necessary for check-in. There is no more need to enter your personal and the data from your travel document – you simply scan the travel document and all the information is automatically entered. We estimate that this could save passengers as much as 15 minutes of time. In addition, if you register with the application and scan the document in advance, you will not need a travel document for check-in, as all the information will automatically be transferred from your personal profile.

Flight booking

Flight booking is a well-known Amadeus platform. Perhaps the best solution for booking or buying tickets, since we’ve all used the Amadeus platforms at least once. An intuitive booking system is, in our opinion, a great solution, quick and easy to go through.

Flight status

Flight status can be checked by using the flight number, flight route and the airport (which is a new feature compared to the previous version). Flight status is now monitored in real time, thanks to the application being directly connected to the operating system. The flight status, along with the route, shows the duration of the flight, number of stops, type of aircraft, the scheduled and estimated time of departure and arrival.

In the end, we can conclude that the response time in the new application is much shorter, thanks to the direct data storage to the application. In addition, the new application does not run a ‘redirect’ to CTN’s website, which significantly speeds it up. In our opinion, the application is great in designe and visually very attractive.

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Foto © Croatia Airlines