AvioRadar and ch-aviation announce a new partnership

AvioRadar and ch-aviation announce a new partnership that will increase the quality of data available to journalists for aviation news and reporting.

In a meeting held in Zagreb on May 14th 2019, AvioRadar President, Nenad Sredojević and Project Manager Bruno Habus met with representatives of ch-aviation, notably the firm’s CEO Thomas Jaeger and COO, Sanja Pleš. The meeting resulted in an ongoing partnership agreement being signed on May 28th 2019.

The aviation industry is rapidly changing, and audiences always want to be kept up-to-date with the latest news, insights and information. This strategic partnership will help ensure that AvioRadar readers obtain the most relevant and current aviation news and industry data available. As a result of the partnership, readers of AvioRadar will now benefit from more detailed airline fleet data and the most recent regional route network updates which will include information on new and terminated routes, planned operation periods and carriers.

“We are delighted to enter into a partnership with AvioRadar,” ch-aviation CEO, Thomas Jager says. “Serving a global clientele, we are pleased to be able to work with companies based in Croatia, where we have strong links and a twenty strong workforce employed in data research and sales roles. I strongly believe our industry-leading data will be extremely beneficial for AvioRadar journalists preparing local coverage of aviation news.” 

About ch-aviation 

Founded in 1998 as an aviation information service provider in Chur, Switzerland, today ch-aviation operates as the largest and most comprehensive B2B database in the area of commercial aviation. ch-aviation provides more than 800 customers around the globe with relevant and up-to-date airline intelligence and insightful news on the aviation industry.

ch-aviation provides reliable and accurate intelligence, and its data and industry news coverage is trusted by airlines, airports, brokers, finance and leasing companies, government agencies, consulting and human resources companies, IT providers, aircraft manufacturers, MRO’s, tourism and hospitality enterprises and travel buyers all around the globe