August statistics for Croatian airports


The Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) has published statistics for August for all airports in Croatia.

According to these data, in August, compared to the same month last year, the largest decline in the number of operations was recorded by Osijek Airport, almost -90% (189/20).

It is followed by Zagreb Airport (-49% 4,401 / 2,246) and Rijeka Airport (-44% 878/490).

Zadar Airport has the smallest decrease in the number of operations, -30%. 1,429 operations were performed, unlike in August 2019, when there were 2038.

In terms of the number of passengers, Rijeka Airport recorded the largest decline of -79% (46,595 / 9,742).

In this segment, the next two airports with the largest decline in passenger traffic are Dubrovnik Airport, with slightly more than -77% (521,451 / 119,137) and Pula Airport, with approximately the same -77% (174,346 / 40,830).

In terms of the number of transported passengers, the smallest drop of – 50% has Mali Lošinj Airport, and of the larger airports Split Airport, with slightly more than -59% (668,914 / 271,342).

The airport that had the largest total number of operations and passengers is Split Airport with 3,676 operations and 271,342 passengers, followed by Dubrovnik Airport with 2,620 operations and 119,137 passengers, with an average aircraft occupancy of 55%.

The total number of operations at airports in August was 12,762, which is -39% compared to the same month last year, while the total number of passengers was 587,796, which is -70%