Air Traffic April 22th. Two arrivals from Middle East

On Wednesday, April 22th, two planes arrived to Zagreb Airport from the Middle East region. 

The first was Etihad Airways (EY/ETD) with a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on a flight no. EY9601/ETD9601 from Abu Dhabi to Zagreb. This aircraft, with registration A6-BLQ was built for Arabian air carrier in 2017 (in the picture above). Normally, this is a passanger aircraft, but this time it arrived without passangeres, with medical equipment packages. 

A few minutes later, FlyDubai (FZ/FDB) arrived with a Boeing 737-800 (in the picture below). It landed on a repatriation flight no. FZ4385/FDB4385 from Basrah in Iraq to London Stansted Airport. This aircraft with A6-FGB registatrion was built for Arabian air carrier in 2016. 


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Photo © Avioradar – Karlo Mudri & Ljiljana Medved & Marko Kovačićek (ZAG/22.04.2020.)